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Top 5 Tips on Caring for Your Bedridden Loved One

by Bryan Mercer October 09, 2012 1 min read

When taking care of a wheelchair-bound or bedridden patient with incontinence, it’s important to focus on their physical and emotional wellbeing. Here are five tips for caregivers to help make caring for their loved ones easier.
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3 Steps to Healthy Skin While Managing Incontinence

by Bryan Mercer October 08, 2012 1 min read

Skin health is crucial when you’re managing urinary incontinence. Without proper perineal care, pressure ulcers and diaper rashes may develop, resulting in great discomfort and skin breakdown. We recommend a three-step approach to incontinence skin care.
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What incontinence product would you use for your dad?

by Chelsea Wardach October 02, 2012 2 min read

People often ask me, as a National Incontinence customer service representative, what I would use for my aging parents, but until recently, I didn’t have any personal experience to share. Recently, my dad began suffering from incontinence, and my mom, his primary caregiver, asked me for advice. Here are the incontinence products we are using and why.
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Prevent Diaper Rash When Using Adult Diapers

by Chelsea Wardach September 13, 2012 2 min read

People who suffer from incontinence have more to worry about other than just a leak: skin irritation and infections can plague users of adult diapers (briefs) and adult pull ons. A lack of air flow, damp conditions, and especially stale urine or stool causes the skin to break down and causes painful and dangerous diaper rash, sores, and yeast infections.
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