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What incontinence product would you use for your dad?

October 02, 2012 2 min read

From Rachael, Customer Service Representative at National Incontinence:

People often ask me, as a National Incontinence customer service representative, what I would use for my aging parents, but until recently, I didn’t have any personal experience to share. Recently, my dad began suffering from incontinence, and my mom, his primary caregiver, asked me for advice. Here are the incontinence products we are using and why:

  • Tranquility Protective Underwear

I choose the Tranquility brand because I have many customers who use that product. Customers rarely change brands (a sign they are satisfied with the product) and the price is less expensiveper adult brief than other, less absorbent, products. We choose protective underwear for my dad’s dignity, because he was already resistant so at least he can pull them up and down like regular underwear. We decided to use the day and night specific protective underwear, since his absorbency needs change (more protection for night). If he ends up bed bound, we will change to diapers, since they would be easier for my mom to change, but for now, the underwear are working well.

To protect the bed, I needed something that was comfortable for my dad, but easy for my mom to take on and off the bed, and wash in a front loading washing machine. Big, thick mattress covers don’t wash well in our high efficiency (although not very efficient) machine. The premium mattress cover is relatively small and lightweight, and can be cleaned in only one cycle. It is also easy and quick to dry.

My mom says she “loves” this product. They protect the sheets and are the easiest thing to change. Washable underpads also keep her from always having to launder the mattress cover. If you are caring for someone with incontinence, you MUST have this product.

I have had many co-workers use this product for cat, dog, and kid accidents. We even use it for our aging office dog, so I know how it is easy to use and works well. My mom uses it before she washes any of my dad’s bedding. So far, we have only needed it for one accident around the house, but it seems to work well. I choose this over our other urine remover because of its ease of use (spray on vs. mixing and pouring).

While all situations are different, I hope this helps someone, like me, who is new to caring for someone with incontinence.If you need any more product suggestions, don’t hesitate to give us a call from 9 AM to 6 PM EST so we can help you address your specific situation.


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