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Depend Maximum Protection with Tabs

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  • Concentrated for nighttime leakage protection
  • Soft leakage barriers guard against side leakage
  • Six EasyGrip™ Tabs refasten for better fit
  • A wetness indicator line disappears when brief requires changing
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Depend Maximum Protection briefs have up to 40% more absorbency than regular Depend briefs. This adult diaper features a breathable outer layer with six refastable tape tabs to allow for a secure fit. Soft leakage barriers and anti-leak cuffs protect against diaper leakage for both urinary and fecal incontinence. A wetness indicator shows when it's time for a changing.


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MANUFACTURER Item Code 19317, 19740
Incontinence Size Chart
Size Item Code Waist/Hip Absorb. Quantity Price
Small/Medium 3D-S (35456) 28-40" waist or 34-36" hips 14 oz. Pack of 20
Case of 60
$26.95 ($1.35/Each)
$77.95 ($1.30/Each)
Large 3D-L (35458) 35-49" waist or 42-54" hips 14 oz. Pack of 16
Case of 48
$26.95 ($1.68/Each)
$77.95 ($1.62/Each)
WAIST HIP 42" - 54" or 26" - 41"

Customer Reviews

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Shaun Raymond
OK product, inexpensive and available everywhere

I have Cerebral Palsy. A common condition associated with my disability is incontinence. For me personally, during the day I have occasional issues. At night though I am completely dependent upon diapers for my virtually all of my toileting needs. The pros about the max. protection is they are inexpensive, and available both in stores and online. They are also plastic backed which is something you usually don't see in a cheaper diaper. The biggest cons I have found are they are thin, I haven't had leakage issues but I do have to change throughout the night. I don't like the wetness indicator. It's too thin, and hard to see even when the product is dry.

A nice diaper for the price

I wear this diaper for moderate urge incontinence (urinary) and periodic leakage due to prostate issues. I wear a diaper pretty much all the time. This is what I like about the Depends diaper: 1) the smooth plastic cover does not cause chaffing between my legs like some cloth like covers do; 2) the tapes are generally strong enough to keep the diaper from sagging between changes; 3) the substantial elastic leg gathers and the plastic cover keep me confident the diaper won't leak; 4) the diaper has a thin profile so it's not obvious that I'm wearing a diaper under my normal fitting clothes and because it is low profile, I can be discrete when I take a diaper to the restroom for a change. Here are two challenges I've faced when using the Depends diaper: 1) the plastic cover is noisy-- there are times when the crinkling sounds are substantial when walking or even making subtle movements; and 2) this diaper can get hot-- sweat can degrade the absorbent material and contribute to skin sensitivity or rashes. The positive attributes of this diaper far outweigh the negative. I will continue to wear the Depends diaper to manage my incontinence and would recommend it to others with similar issues.

Best Fit of any Diaper I've Tried

Depend, for all the attacks they receive is really a solid diaper. I have yet to find one that fits better. They are not good for overnight or all-day wear, but when you can change frequently they're cheap and easy.

Depended Maximum Protection

This product is poorly designed for anything beyond minor incontinence. To say it is ""maximum protection"" is the over statement of the century. The width between the legs is very narrow which leads to increased comfort while moving, but leaves a lot to be desired for absorbency while sitting or sleeping. Additionally, the lack of absorbent padding leads to contact between the plastic backing and the skin which chafes and is generally uncomfortable.

Good in a pinch

If I need more briefs while traveling I will buy these. They fit good under clothing but are noisy. I would not call these a true overnight brief.


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