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Abena Abri-Form Premium AirPlus Briefs

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  • Soft, cloth-like outer cover
  • Absorbent protection zones extend to the sides in both front & back
  • Refastenable tape tabs and wetness indicator
  • Comfortable and highly absorbent
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The Abena AbriForm AirPlus Brief features a combination of polymer for absorbency and fluff to wick the wetness throughout the entire diaper, making this incontinence product super absorbent. Even though this adult brief is thicker than other briefs, the absorbency capabilities and low leakage are superior to other thinner adult diapers. The "Super (Level 2)" briefs are thinner and less absorbent than the "Extra (Level 3)" and the "X-Plus (Level 4)"briefs.

All styles have a soft cloth-like exterior.


Great for nighttime incontinence, the Abena Abri-Form AirPlus Brief is the most absorbent brief on the market! You will not have to change every three hours with this one! Try to fasten tapes correctly when initially putting on. The super adhesive tabs may not stick as well when reapplying.

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MANUFACTURER Item Code 43054, 43055, 43060, 43065, 43062, 43067, 43056, 43063, 43068, 43071
Incontinence Size Chart
Size Item Code Waist/Hip Absorb. Quantity Price
Super Briefs - Small (43055) 24" - 34" 61 oz. Pack of 28
Case of 84
$29.99 ($1.07/Each)
$119.99 ($1.42/Each)
Super Briefs - Medium (43060) 27" - 43" 88 oz. Pack of 24
Case of 96
$30.99 (1.29/Each)
$120.99 ($1.26/Each)
Super Briefs - Large (43065) 39" - 59" 105 oz. Pack of 22
Case of 88
$31.99 ($1.45/Each)
$121.99 ($1.38/Each)
Extra Briefs - Medium (43062) 27" - 43" 98 oz. Pack of 22
Case of 88
$29.99 ($1.36/Each)

$119.99 ($1.36/Each)
Extra Briefs - Large (43067) 39" - 59" 115 oz. Pack of 20
Case of 80
$29.99 ($1.49/Each)
$119.99 ($1.49/Each)
X-Plus Briefs - Small (43056) 24" - 34" 74 oz. Pack of 22
Case of 66
$25.99 ($0.99/Each)
$75.99 ($0.99/Each)
X-Plus Briefs - Medium (43063) 27" - 43" 122 oz. Pack of 14
Case of 56
$21.99 ($1.57/Each)

$84.99 ($1.51/Each)
X-Plus Briefs - Large (43068) 39" - 59" 135 oz. Pack of 12
Case of 48
$19.99 ($1.66Each)

$79.99 ($1.66/Each)
X-Plus Briefs - Extra Large (43071) 44" - 68" 135 oz. Pack of 12
Case of 48
$19.99 ($1.66/Each)

$79.99 ($1.66/Each)



Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Faith Stern
Great Overnight Protection

Great for overnight protection. Just wish the tabs were more adjustable or stickier in case you don't get it right the first try.

Postives outweigh negative

We have tried 5 top brands and this is the most absorbent and breathable. They do not act as a heatsink, as all other brands did, causing nightsweats and profuse sweating. They are bulky, but since these are overnight use, and not daytime use, it is irrelavent. The only downside is that tabs- which simply do not hold. If they did they would not be reattachable...That is a positive. We work around but using 2 additional strips...one of painter's tape and another of duct tape, ove the taps onto the diaper to hold them...2 on each side. This works. Recommend.

A very good, quality product.

We use this for my mom-in-law, who is 98, when she goes to bed at night. Her bed is dry in the morning.

Jim M
Hoped for more

I hoped for more given the price of this product. It seems to work okay if I'm standing up but not laying down at night when I really need it. Unfortunately most of the absorbency seems to be too low to accommodate male needs. Can't someone make a product that won't leak before its fully saturated?

This is an excellent product

We love these diapers


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