Molicare Slip Briefs

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  • High capacity absorbent briefs for heavy incontinence
  • 3-part core for extended capacity
  • Anti-leak cuffs and discreet profile
  • Available in Maxi and Super Plus absorbencies
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Molicare Briefs are designed to keep users dry and protected during heavy flows. Comfort stretch poly increases comfort and maximizes user mobility. Anti-leak cuffs provide containment and a discreet profile offers user comfort and dignity. A 3-part absorbent core provides added dryness. Dual tapes allow for multiple refastenings.

Molicare Super Plus Briefs offer all the features of the Molicare Super Briefs, including padded panels for added comfort and absorbency.


With a high level of absorbency, Molicare Briefs are a great choice for extended wear and overnight use. The Super brief features a T shape that provides a more discreet fit. The Super Plus brief is more absorbent, has padded side panels, and can be used for fecal incontinence.

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MANUFACTURER Item Code PHT165531, PHT165532, PHT165533, PHT165431, PHT165432, PHT165433
Incontinence Size Chart
Style & Size Item Code Waist/Hip Absorb. Quantity Price
Maxi Small (Plastic) 3M-SPS (PHT165531) 20" - 31" 31 oz. Case of 56 $63.95($1.14/Each)
Maxi Medium (Plastic) 3M-SPM (PHT165532) 27" - 47" 33 oz. Case of 56 $79.95($1.43/Each)
Maxi Large (Plastic) 3M-SPL (PHT165533) 47" - 59" 36 oz. Case of 56 $89.95($1.61/Each)
Super Plus Small (cloth) 3M-PSM (PHT165431) 24" - 35" Overnight/Max Case of 90 $69.95($0.77/Each)
Super Plus Medium (cloth) 3M-PML (PHT165432) 35" - 47" Overnight/Max Case of 90 $91.95($1.02/Each)
Super Plus Large (cloth) 3M-PXL (PHT165433) 47" - 59" Overnight/Max Case of 90 $91.95($1.02/Each)