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Tena Pads

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  • Air Dry Layer allows for all around air circulation
  • Dry-Fast Dual Core quickly absorbs fluid for greater security and skin dryness
  • Oval shaped elastics hug the body to prevent leakage
  • Available in 4 absorbencies
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Tena Pads provide a wide range of bladder leakage protection from mild to maximum. Available in four different absorbencies, Tena incontinence pads are designed to be worn with regular underwear TENA Pants.

TENA Day Light Pad works best for mild to moderate protection, such as stress incontinence or dribbling. This Tena pad looks and feels like a sanitary pad and can be worn with regular underwear or with TENA Pants. TENA Day Light Pads feature an air dry layer for all around air circulation, superabsorbent material which gels fluid for greater security and skin dryness, and soft elastic gathers which provide a close fit. An adhesive strip adheres to underwear.

TENA Day Regular Pads are designed for moderate protection and provide all of the features and benefits of the Day Light Pad with additional absorbency. Tena Regular Pads are ideal for those with more than a dribble, but less than a full void. These bladder control pads don’t have an adhesive tape, but an hourglass shape keeps it in place.

TENA Day Plus Pads are designed for heavy incontinence protection. The TENA Day Plus Pad provides a discreet look and body-close fit so you can go about your normal daily routine with improved comfort and greater dignity. These bladder pads hold a full voiding and easily fit inside your own underwear or TENA pants. Tena Pads also feature a Dry-Fast Dual Core that quickly absorbs fluid for greater security and increased skin dryness.

TENA Night/Super Pads provide maximum absorbency for extended or nighttime protection. TENA Night/Super Pads provides the highest level of protection available in a TENA pad. They provide the same absorbency as the Super Brief for those who prefer to use their own underwear or for those who prefer no side panels. Tena Pads also have a Dry-Fast Dual Core that quickly absorbs fluid for greater security and skin dryness. A soft, cloth-like outer cover minimizes noise and improves comfort. Tena Night Pads are great for non-ambulatory persons.


If you choose to wear regular underwear instead of disposable briefs, this highly absorbent incontinence pad can simply be placed inside your own underwear and replaced when soiled.

To learn more about incontinence pads like these and how they can help you, please read our blog topics:

MANUFACTURER Item Code 62314, 62418, 62618, 62718
Incontinence Size Chart
Size Item Code Dimensions Absorb. Quantity
Day/Light 1N-L (62326) 13" Light Pack of 14
Case of 84
Day/Regular 1N-R (62418) 24" x 10" 16 oz. Pack of 46
Case of 92
Day/Plus 1N-P (62618) 24" x 10" 19 oz. Pack of 40
Case of 80
Night/Super 1N-S (62718) 27" x 10" 28 oz. Pack of 24
Case of 48

Customer Reviews

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Linda Vautrin

Tena Pads

Hydro Mom
Baby elephant ear

I use it for night time due to my bed wetting

Huge, unusable, will never buy again!

Can not imagine how you would use this product

Jerry the Golfer
Tena Guards for men ....Moderate protection

My husband really likes these guards for leakage protection. I am a steady customer. They are perfect for him. We are very satisfied with them.

Wasn't what I Thought

Bunches up in center


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