Tena Protective Underwear

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  • Patented Body-Close Fit™ Technology moves with body for more comfort and security
  • Uses Superabsorbent microbeads for advanced leakage protection
  • Extra Absorbency features Instadri Skin-Caring System for healthier skin
  • Soft, cloth-like material feels as comfortable as regular underwear
  • Leg cuffs and standing gathers provide effective leakage protection
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TENA Protective Underwear is available in two absorbencies: Plus and the more absorbent Extra. Both styles offer full coverage for moderate to heavy bladder leaking protection for men and women. These incontinence underwear also feature the patented Body-Close Fit design, which moves with the body for more comfort and security.

The Extra Absorbency underwear is one of the best-selling products in the TENA line. It’s unique in that it features the InstaDri Skin-Caring System. Whether the user is moving around or laying down, this technology helps quickly trap liquids, prevent leaks and keep skin dry and healthy. In addition to moderate to heavy leakage, Extra Absorbency underwear can be used for light fecal staining and overnight use.

TENA Plus and Extra have gentle waist elastics that make the underwear easy to pull on just like regular underwear. The soft, breathable cloth-like material is comfortable and easy on the skin. Tear away sides allow for easy, convenient removal – something many caregivers appreciate.


The Tena Protective Underwear is much more absorbent than the typical Depend underwear. Wetness indicator strips turn darker when underwear needs to be changed.

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MANUFACTURER Item Code 72146, 72246, 72346, 72412, 72239, 72339, 72439
Incontinence Size Chart
Size Item Code Waist/Hip Quantity Price
(Plus) Medium 2N-PM (72238) 34" - 44" Pack of 18
Case of 72
$15.95 ($0.89/Each)
$62.95 ($0.87/Each)
(Plus) Large 2N-PL (72338) 45" - 58" Pack of 18
Case of 72
$16.95 ($.94/Each)
$66.95 ($0.93/Each)
(Plus) Extra Large 2N-PX (72435) 55" - 66" Pack of 15
Case of 60
$18.95 ($1.26/Each)
$71.95 ($1.20/Each)
(Extra) Small 2N-ES (72116) 25" - 35" Pack of 16
Case of 64
$17.95 ($1.12/Each)
$62.95 ($0.98/Each)
(Extra) Medium 2N-EM (72232) 34" - 44" Pack of 16
Case of 64
$19.95 ($1.25/Each)
$68.95 ($1.08/Each)
(Extra) Large 2N-EL (72332) 45" - 58" Pack of 16
Case of 64
$19.95 ($1.25/Each)
$78.95 ($1.23/Each)
(Extra) Extra Large 2N-EX (72425) 55" - 66" Pack of 12
Case of 48
$17.95 ($1.50/Each)
$67.95 ($1.42/Each)