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Janibell Diaper Disposal System

  • Discreet diaper disposal system that locks away odors to keep your room smelling fresh
  • Features a pedal to open the odor-locking lid for hands-free disposal
  • Extra odor-control is available in 2 sizes
  • Extra odor control has double sealing lid and trap door to better lock in odors
  • Uses continuous liner system that makes replacing liner very easy and cuts down on waste
  • Cabinet mounted option is available for even more discreetness

The Janibell Diaper Disposal System is the perfect disposal system for caregivers as it is easy to use, discreet, and hygienic. Each diaper disposal system is hands free with the no-mess foot pedal, or with the self-opening lid on the 4 gallon cabinet mount model. The lid on these diaper disposal systems are spring loaded so they automatically close once the foot pedal is released, or when the cabinet door is closed (cabinet mounted model only).

This diaper disposal system is available in 6 different sizes, from 4 gallons to 17 gallons. Of the 6 sizes available, 2 have extra odor-controlling features. These features include a trap door under the lid that automatically closes, and an extra rubber seal around the trap door to help prevent odors from leaking out into the room.

The most notable feature on the Janibell Diaper Disposal System is the continuous liner that makes replacing a fully waste bag simple. The bag liner is a continuous roll that just needs to be cut using the door mounted cutter, and then tied to close off the bottom. This means you never waste any extra bag space! You have the choice to fill the bag a little or a lot; and just cut it off, tie a knot, and you are ready to use again. This also helps cut down on waste.

Each disposal system is made of scratch resistant ABS plastic that is also non-porous to prevent odors from seeping through the plastic. Also, the white plastic makes it look just like a regular trash can for more discreetness. Plus, the 11 gallon size diaper disposal system is made using 20% recycled material.

The cabinet mounted version must meet the following installation requirements: a 14" cabinet door width, a 20" cabinet door height, and a 8.5" cabinet depth. Please see image for a better understanding.

Model Capacity Dimensions Weight Type
M250HW 4 Gallon 9.96" (w) x 7.95" (d) x 17.52" (h) 3.57 lbs Under Cabinet
M330DA (Akord) 11 Gallon 14.37" (w) x 12.36" (d) x 22.83" (h) 8.1 lbs Step-On; Odor-Free
M330CW 10 Gallon 13.3" (w) x 9.76" (d) x 22" (h) 8.85 lbs In Cabinet
M400BW 13 Gallon 15.75" (w) x 11.69" (d) x 25.2" (h) 12.13 lbs Step-On
M400DS 13 Gallon 15.75" (w) x 11.69" (d) x 25.2" (h) 12.7 lbs Step-On; Odor-Free
M450BW 17 Gallon 17.6" (w) x 10.87" (d) x 26.75" (h) 15.6 lbs Step-On

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS Cabinet Mount: 9.96"(w) x 7.95"(d) x 17.52"(h); 11 Gallon: 14.37"(w) x 12.36"(d) x 22.83"(h); 10 Gallon: 13.3"(w) x 11.54"(d) x 21.6"(h); 13 Gallon: 15.75"(w) x 11.69"(d) x 25.2"(h)
MANUFACTURER Item Code M250HW, M330DA, M330BW, M400BW, M400DS, M450BW


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