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Pail Refills for Janibell Diaper Disposal System

  • Replacement liners for the Janibell Diaper Disposable System
  • Liners are a continuous roll to make changing a full liner much easier
  • Earth friendly! - made of 20% recycled material, and made to decompose underground very quickly
  • Liners are made for specific series of disposal system - please check the model/series number on your current pail
  • Large Akord Diaper Disposal system uses 280 series; Extra Large uses 330 series

These are replacement pail liners for the Janibell Diaper Disposal System. These liners are sturdy and stretch resistant to hold your waste without breaking, tearing, or falling apart. In an effort to be more green, these liners are made of 20% recycled material, and they are also made using a proprietary resin additive that, once activated underground/in a landfill, will fully decompose in 1-5 years.

There are 6 different liners to choose from, each fitting a specific model of Diaper Disposal System. Please check the model/series number of your current Janibell Diaper Disposal System.

If you are looking for a replacement liner for your Akord Diaper Disposal System please use the following liner:

  • Akord Large Pail - select the 280 series
  • Akord Extra Large Pail - select the 330 series

MANUFACTURER Item Code 250R3B, 280R3B, 330R3B, 330R10B, 400R10B, 450R10B


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