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DVC Nite Train'r Bedwetting Alarm

  • Sensor, worn inside the child's underwear, will respond to the first drops of moisture
  • 6 inch sensor pad designed specifically for boys or girls
  • Each single tone, audible alarm comes with instructions for use, a progress chart, and two moisture-sensing pads

NiteTrain'r is a moisture detector alarm for children who wet the bed at night. The bedwetting alarm consists of a small plastic alarm box that attaches to the shoulder area of the child's pajama or T-shirt, close to the ear, and a nonabsorbent sensor pad worn over the genitals and held in place (INSIDE the underwear) with a pair of snug-fitting shorts or panties. The plastic box unit contains a miniaturized electronic alarm and a 9-volt battery. NiteTrain'r has a built-in dual-volume control switch for the alarm (high/low). NOTE: Specify male or female when ordering.

Included with every alarm are: instructions for use, a progress chart, two moisture-sensing pads (two male or two female), and one 9V battery. Additional sensor pads are available in our Accessories section.


Some smaller children may find the large sensor pad worn inside the underwear to be uncomfortable. Two sensor pads may not be adequate for children who wet multiple times a night, so it may be beneficial to purchase a spare sensor.

Manufacturer Koregon
Alarm Type Sound - 2 set volumes
Alarm Warranty 60 days
Sensor Type 2 sensors included
KNTM - Male 1 Tone
KNTF - Female 1 Tone
Battery 1 x 9 volt alkaline
Color White
Alarm Dimensions Alarm box - 2" x 2.5" x 0.75"
Sensor Dimensions Sensor wire - 25" long
  • Boy's Sensor - 6.6" x 3.7" (at widest point) x 0.1"
  • Girl's Sensor - 6.6" x 2.9" (at widest point) x 0.1"
Shipping Weight 1 lb.
Instruction Manual Nite Train'r Instruction Manual
Care Instructions Rinse sensor pads in lukewarm (not hot) water, pat with towel and hang to dry. Do not use soap or detergent.


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