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Boys Washable Absorbent Briefs

Brief Color
White with Stars
  • A washable absorbent brief for children who need daytime protection without the disadvantages of disposable pants
  • Sewn-in absorbent pad holds up to 200ml (7 oz) of fluid
  • Briefs look just like regular boys underwear for discrete protection against leaks
  • Sizes run small, so please go up 1 size if you're in between sizes

A washable, absorbent brief for children who need daytime protection. Designed specifically for children, these special washable briefs are designed to be discreet and highly absorbent. The washable, sewn-in, absorbent padding will absorb up to 200 ml. (approximately 7 ounces). These pants look like regular boys briefs to increase confidence and allow everyday activities to be carried out without embarrassment. They are manufactured from cotton for comfort and a close fit. They also have a waterproof protective area.

For those who require extra absorbency, a sewn-in gusset pouch holds a disposable booster pad which absorbs an additional 5-10 oz. This increases the absorbable urine capacity. Latex free. Individually packaged.

SKU Children's Size Waist Age
PS2011-M M 20-24in 5-6
PS2011-L L 22-26in 7-8
PS2011-XL XL 24-28in 9-10
PS2011-XXL XXL 28-32in 11-12


These briefs are great for transitions from disposable pants while working on daytime continence. For children who can't wait for the bathroom (i.e. children with urgency), these briefs protect from embarrassing accidents. They are ideal for school situations requiring waterproof underwear, because they are noiseless and have the appearance of regular briefs. These briefs work best for leaking situations. For protection from complete bladder emptying, the addition of a disposable booster pad is recommended to add an extra 5 to 10 ounces of absorbency. To estimate the bladder capacity of children, take their age and add two to estimate ounces of urine.

They are generally not intended for nighttime wetting since they may not hold enough urine to keep children dry at night. This depends upon each child. These briefs cannot be used in conjunction with most bedwetting alarms because of the waterproof area.

Manufacturer P & S Healthcare
Warranty 90 days
Color White or Navy Blue (depending on size)
Product Size See size chart. Briefs are imported from the UK and generally run a size smaller than average US briefs.
Shipping Weight 4 ounces
Care Instructions Wash in hand-hot water, or machine wash using warm water and detergent. Wash using a detergent such as Tide or Cheer. DO NOT use soap based products or fabric softeners/conditioners or detergents that contain a conditioner. Do not use bleach. Tumble dry at low temperatures or line dry.
MANUFACTURER P and S Healthcare

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Amy Dotzler
Not worth the $

Purchased for my 6 year old son who has occasional accidents over night. He says they are uncomfortable and he has had an accident that was caught early and he was able to make it to the bathroom before it was a full bladder release and it didn’t hold the little bit he had went in the underwear.

Busy Mom
Helps avoid embarrassment

I bought this for my 8-year-old son with Down syndrome. He often cannot tell he needs to go potty until he leaks a little. This product allows him to avoid embarrassment at school. I have told other moms about it.

disappointed mommy
Does not protect incontinence

I got this to provide incontinence protection for my child, but it leaks right through. These are extremely expensive and not worth the money.

Works great for small accidents.

Bought for my 5 year old son. He likes them because they are like regualar underwear. I like that they do not look like a diaper. They work great for him most of the time because he can make it to the bathroom quickly so they do not leak.

Concerned Parent
Good concept but didn't deliver

My son has a urinary disorder in which leaking occurs often during the day. Wanted him to have protection during the school day with discretion and little embarassment. These pants do not hold much and there have been several times accidents still occurred. The absorbent pad is ill-fitting and doesn't provide much coverage.


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