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Waterproof Bedding for Restless Sleepers

February 18, 2014 2 min read

    “I currently sleep on top of waterproof bed pads to keep my mattress dry at night. However, I move around a lot and the pad does not stay put. My bed ends up getting wet. What options do I have?”

The waterproof bedding market is expansive, with many different styles ranging from lightweight underpads to thick mattress pads. It sounds like you’re using a thin pad that doesn’t come with any flaps or adhesive to keep it in place. National Incontinence offers several waterproof bed pads that work great for restless sleepers:

  • Reusable Waterproof Underpad with Tuck-in Flaps – This washable underpad is a customer favorite because it’s thick enough to absorb up to 4 cups of fluid, yet light enough for portable use. The pad features 18” flaps that tuck underneath the mattress to keep it from moving at night. These washable pads help cut down on laundry – purchase two so you can easily switch them out when they get soiled.
  • Mattress Pad, Anchor Band Style – This mattress pad comes with elastic bands on each corner to keep it in place. Unlike underpads, which cover only a portion of the bed, mattress pads cover the entire top of the mattress. This absorbent bed pad features a vinyl waterproof barrier sandwiched in between two layers of absorbent material. The anchor bands make it easy to put and remove for laundering.
  • 6 Gauge Vinyl Mattress Cover – Our heavy duty vinyl covers are one of our most economical waterproof options available. Constructed of durable 6-gauge vinyl, these covers protect the mattress from incontinence, bedwetting, drink spills and more. The covers come in a fitted or zippered style, where the latter also offers dust mite and bed bug protection. Not only are vinyl covers inexpensive, they’re also very easy to maintain – just wipe clean with a damp cloth and you’re good to go!
  • Tranquility Peach Underpad – If you’re looking for a disposable option, try this peach sheet underpad from leading brand Tranquility. This waterproof sheet features a unique core that eliminates urine odors and wicks liquid away from the skin, keeping you dry all night long. The Tranquility underpad comes with four tape tabs to help keep it secure.


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