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What Incontinence Products are Available for Men?

February 13, 2014 2 min read

Urinary incontinence affects more than 25 million men and women in the United States. Men are less likely to be diagnosed than women because they are often reluctant to talk about the problem with their doctor.

While incontinence affects elderly men more than younger men, the condition should not be considered as a normal sign of aging. Common causes of male incontinence include obesity, weak pelvic floor muscles and prostate gland problems.

At National Incontinence, we have a wide range of incontinence products designed specifically for men to help them better manage their bladder.

Disposable briefs offer the most absorbency, so they’re ideal for people with moderate to heavy incontinence. Also called adult diapers, disposable briefs are unisex so they can be used by both men and women. These briefs feature many excellent qualities, such as multiple layers, adjustable tape tabs, elastic leg openings, and odor control, to ensure that you are protected at all times. Many customers enjoy the Tranquility ATN and Tena Super Briefs.

If you’re experiencing stress incontinence or urine dribbles, male guards are your best option. These incontinence pads are also great for those with prostate problems or recovering from prostate surgery. Lightweight and discreet, male guards are contoured to fit the male anatomy and provide protection where men need it most. Our most popular guards are the Tena Guards, which are shaped like a bicycle seat, and the Prevail Guards, which can absorb up to 19 oz. (a little over 2 cups) of fluid.

Incontinence underwear help men maintain their dignity. Unlike adult briefs, disposable underwear don’t have tape tabs or Velcro closures. They are pulled up and down like real underwear, which makes people feel like they’re wearing regular boxers or briefs and not an absorbent undergarment. Our customers enjoy the Tena underwear for men because it is soft, comfortable and has a wide waistband, just like traditional men’s underwear.

Washable briefs offer a more economical solution to disposable incontinence products. These male briefs are made of soft material with an absorbent pad and waterproof outer layer. The Wearever briefs feature antimicrobial fibers to eliminate odor-causing bacteria. Wearever underwear will remain soft and absorbent even after constant washing and drying.

For those who want an alternative to pads and briefs, we also carry a large selection of external catheters. The Coloplast Active catheter is ideal for active men who need extended wear. This latex catheter is self-adhering and combines a comfortable sheath with a wide, water-tight seal. If you’re allergic to latex, try the Conveen Optima catheter. This one-piece, non-latex external catheter is made of self-adhering silicone with a triple-action anti-leak system for maximum incontinence protection.


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