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New Printed Washable Underpads Help Protect Against Incontinence

February 20, 2014 1 min read

Washable underpads offer a great and easy way to keep the bedding and furniture dry from incontinence and bedwetting accidents. This week, we’re bringing you two new printed bed pads from leading manufacturer Dry Defender.

The first mattress underpad features a fun and colorful blue sky print design that’s perfect for children. Your loved one will feel like he’s actually sleeping on clouds! The second overlay sports a more mature, lumberjack pattern that works well for both children and adults.

Both of these reusable bed pads are made of three layers, including a waterproof layer, and absorbent fiber fill and a soft cotton top. Place the underpad on top of the sheets to protect the mattress from damaging moisture. The pads have an impressive capacity of up to four cups of liquid! If a wetting accident occurs, there’s no need to strip down the entire bed – simply remove the pad and throw into the washing machine! Having two pads on hand means you can easily replace the soiled underpad and continue your slumber without worry.

The great thing about these underpads are that they’re lightweight and very portable. This means that, in addition to the bed, you can use the overlays on a couch, chair, in the car or wherever you need waterproof protection!

The sky print underpad is available in two sizes, Regular (34 x 36”) and Large (36 x 54”). The lumberjack underpad also comes in two sizes, Small (23 x 34”) and Regular (36 x 54”). Both mattress underpads are made in the USA.


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