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Introducing the New Janibell Diaper Disposal System

March 18, 2014 1 min read

Diaper disposal systems offer an easy and hygienic way to dispose of dirty diapers. National Incontinence is now carrying the Janibell Diaper Disposal System, which features a spring loaded lid and a no-mess foot pedal for hands-free disposal.

Caregivers with incontinent loved ones are constantly worried about lingering urine odors in the room. The Janibell adult diaper pail solves this problem. Two of the six available sizes include a trap door under the lid that automatically closes and locks out odors, plus an extra rubber seal around the door to keep odors from seeping out into the room.

This adult diaper bin also uses a continuous liner, which makes it easy to replace full waste bags. The bag liner is a continuous roll that is cut using the attached door mounted cutter. This helps cut down on waste and bag space! Just fill the bag up, cut it off, tie a knot at the bottom and you’re ready to use the pail again.

Each diaper pail is made of scratch-resistant ABS white-colored plastic, so it looks like a regular trash can. The Janibell disposal system comes in six sizes, from 4-gallon to 17-gallon. The 4-gallon bin can be mounted behind a door for discretion and space-saving purposes.

Note: The Akord Diaper Disposal System has been discontinued.


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