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How to Get a Loved One to Wear Incontinence Briefs

March 20, 2014 2 min read

    “My partner refuses to wear adult diapers because it makes him feel embarrassed. He needs absorbent protection. What other options does he have?”

It can be difficult to get loved ones to entertain the idea of wearing an adult diaper, let alone any time of incontinence protection. The first thing to consider is actually not using the term “diaper”, as it is often associated with babies. Instead, help your partner maintain his pride by calling the incontinence product a pull-up, brief, underpants, protective underwear, special underwear – something along those lines.

Next, emphasize to your loved one that personal hygiene is very important, especially if he’s experiencing incontinence problems. Wearing protective undergarments not only helps protect against accidents and keeps odors at bay, but they also allow your loved one to perform daily activities without leakage. Be understanding when talking to him about the matter and gently explain that the incontinence products of today are far more comfortable and discreet than those of the past.

With a wide range of adult briefs and pads on the market, there are many options for your partner to choose from. The briefs with the tape tabs on the side most resemble baby diapers, so that may not be a good fit for your partner. One option is to use an incontinence pad for men, or a male guard. These pads have a contoured shape and are ideal for those with light incontinence and urine dribbling issues. Male guards stick onto the user’s own underwear, which make it easy for them to dispose of when soiled.

Like the name implies, pull up underwear are pulled up and down just like regular underwear. Many manufacturers have also created gender-specific pull-ups to better fit the male and female anatomy. Both the Tena Men Protective Underwear and Depend Real Fit Briefs are made of soft cloth-like fabric with a stretchy waistband, similar to traditional men’s underwear. This option is popular because it makes the user feel more dignified and comfortable.

In addition to disposable underwear, there are washable options available. Washable underwear look like ordinary underwear, but with an absorbent component. The Wearever reusable briefs feature a unique absorbent pad and a waterproof outer layer for added protection against leaks. No one will even know they’re made for incontinence purposes!

It will most likely take some time for your loved one to get used to wearing adult briefs. Fortunately, there are many types of comfortable incontinence briefs available designed to help him keep his dignity while staying dry and leak-free.


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