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Choosing Between Disposable and Reusable Incontinence Briefs

March 25, 2014 2 min read

When you’re first choosing incontinence products, you’re typically presented the options of disposable and reusable. Disposable briefs are ideal for those with heavy incontinence. They’re usually more absorbent than reusable briefs, featuring thick polymers that wick urine away from the skin. Disposable briefs are available in two styles: adult diapers (also called adult briefs) or adult pull ups (also called protective underwear).

Adult briefs look similar to baby diapers because they have tape tabs on the sides. This style is great for those who have difficulty changing themselves, and are also ideal for able-bodied persons. Adult pull ups are pulled up and down like regular underwear, providing users a sense of dignity and independence.Disposable briefs can be found at brick-and-mortar stores, although customers can find a much wider selection online. Popular brands of incontinence briefs include Tranquility, Tena and Prevail. Briefs are typically sold by the pack or by the case.

In the long run, disposable briefs can be costly. Unlike reusable briefs, disposables are one-time use and cannot be washed. That’s why some people prefer reusable briefs. Best for light to moderate incontinence, reusable briefs are the most discreet option since they look and feel just like regular underwear. They’re typically made of a cotton material with an absorbent pad, and can be washed over and over for later use.

The Wearever brand specializes in washable incontinence underwear for men and women. From traditional white cotton underwear to stylish lacy panties, Wearever underwear provide the confidence individuals need while managing urinary incontinence. These briefs can be laundered over 200 times, making them very cost-effective compared to disposables.

The type of incontinence brief you choose depends on a variety of factors from how much and how often you leak to your budget. You will most likely need to try out several different styles before finding one that best fits your needs. Once you find the perfect brief, you will be able to continue leading an active life free of embarrassing leaks.


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