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How to Choose the Perfect Incontinence Pad

April 22, 2014 2 min read

Incontinence pads are ideal for people with light incontinence. This means you don’t so much that you need an adult brief, but you leak just enough to need some light protection to keep dry. Incontinence pads are not one size fits all; in fact, they come in different lengths, widths, styles and absorbencies. One person may choose the Tena Pads, while another person may prefer the Tena Serenity Active Ultra pads.

The options for incontinence pads are vast and can be overwhelming for first time buyers. Read below to find out what you should consider when choosing an incontinence pad:

  • Size/length of pad – Every body is made differently, which means we all leak differently. Some of us may need an extra-long pad, while others may need something wider. The Abena AbriSan Pads come in an impressive 11 different sizes to accommodate practically anyone with light incontinence.
  • Gender specific – Most incontinence pads are gender neutral but there are a few that are designed specifically for the male and female body. For example, the Tena Guards for Men feature a unique bicycle seat design that helps cup the male organs and keep them protected. On the other end of the spectrum, the Poise Hourglass pads are perfect for women with light bladder leakage. Poise pads feature a contoured fit with side shields to help contain leaks.
  • Absorbency level – Consider how much you leak and how often. Is it a few drops here and there? Or is it more of a gush every time you lose control? Incontinence pads are available in various absorbencies from very light to maximum protection – be sure to pick one that keeps you dry at all times.
  • Brand – The brand of the pad is not as important as the above factors. However, some popular ones that have been proven to be effective include Tena, Poise (designed specifically for women), and Prevail.

With all the different types of incontinence pads available on the market, it may take some time before you find one that works best for your bladder problems. However, once you do find that perfect fit, you’ll realize that you can lead an active life while managing light bladder leakage.


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