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Tranquility Booster Pad

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  • TopLiner Booster Pads have a thin design that allows for placement in target areas where additional absorption is needed
  • TopLiner Booster Contours have a wide hourglass shape helps contain bowel. Soft texture and no adhesive strip makes cleanup easier
  • Design allows the pad to fill to capacity and then pass fluids to the host product
  • Can be used with both washable or disposable briefs
  • Latex-free

Tranquility Booster Pads provide extra absorption to line the top of any disposable brief and improve sleep patterns by reducing nighttime changes. Booster pads are an economical way to extend the use of your brief or adult absorbent underwear.

TopLiner Mini and Regular Booster Pads

This latex-free pad is designed to provide extra capacity to other incontinence products. The flow-through top and back sheet allows the pad to fill to capacity and then pass fluids to the host garment (disposable brief or pull on underwear). The TopLiner Booster Pad is easy to change and extends the use of the host garment, providing a convenient and economical way to save on product usage. The elimination of leakage, diaper rashes and urine odor improves comfort and quality of life.

Contour and Super Plus Contour Pads

The unique wider design of this latex-free booster pad effectively contains larger amounts of fluid and bowel incontinence. The flow-through top and back sheet allows the liner to fill to capacity then pass additional fluid to the host garment. The soft texture makes clean up easier. Contour booster pads are convenient to change, easy to dispose of, and economical.


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MANUFACTURER Item Code 2072, 2070, 3096, 3097
Incontinence Size Chart
Size Item Code Dimensions Absorb. Quantity Price
Mini (2072) 10.5" x 2.75" 5.7 oz. Pack of 25
Case of 200
$8.95 ($0.36/Each)
$61.95 ($0.31/Each)
Regular (2070) 14" x 4" 10.9 oz. Pack of 25
Case of 100
Case of 200
$8.95 ($.36/Each)
$34.95 ($.35/Each)
$66.95 ($0.33/Each)
Contour (3096) 21.5" x 13.5" 13.6 oz. Pack of 12
Case of 60
Case of 120
$6.95 ($0.58/Each)
$30.95 ($0.52/Each)
$58.95 ($0.49/Each)
Super Plus Contour (3097) 32" x 14" 27.5 oz. Pack of 12
Case of 96
$10.95 ($0.91/Each)
$79.95 ($0.83/Each)

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Ok- but Tranquility also makes a more absorbent pad

Suggest you explore the Traquility Super Booster pad not available on this site, but available on the A____, Slightly longer and 1/2 inch wider. 3 times more absorbent.

Really Help Extend Diaper Life!

I have used these Tranquility booster pads in my day diapers (McKesson Stay Dry Lite Briefs) and, less often, in my night diaper (Dry 24/7). They really are quite thin, but surprisingly absorbent. They especially help a lot to extend the use of the McKesson diapers (Dry 24/7's don't need hardly any help.) They hold 10.5 oz. of urine. They are supposed to control urine odors, but I would not count on that, because the odor in the diaper is strong when I change. So if you are wearing the disposable underwear, or diapers with the cloth-like cover (both of which give off odors more than plastic cover diapers in my opinion), I would wear plastic pants, or some kind of diaper cover over them. Or, figure you might give off smell, because you will be adding more urine inside the garment, by virtue of the fact that you have the booster pad inside. Next time I think I will buy the longer Tranquility pads, but these are working fine for now, and hold more urine and are thinner than the boosters I was wearing before. The adhesive keeps them in snugly and they don't slip around. So, yeah, they are good and not real expensive, which is nice since I'm on fixed income.

Thickest Booster Pads on the Market

These have been working very well for my Mother. Her aides are very please with this new product.

24-7 in diapers
Top liner booster

Add to your diaper for less diaper changes.i can get by with just three changes a day.great booster for full diaper coverage

best ever

Super absorbant. This booster pad will add to your diaper. Absolutely zero leaks. Runs the full length of the diaper. Buy this product, and say goodbye to embarassing leaks forever.


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