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Remedy Phytoplex Hydrating Cleansing Foam

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  • pH balanced to protect skin's acid mantle
  • Enhanced with Phytoplex and other botanicals
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • For head to toe use
  • 4 oz. or 8 oz. sizes available

Remedy® Phytoplex Hydrating Cleansing Foam is pH balanced to protect your skin's acid mantle. This no-rinse foaming cleanser allows for gentling cleaning and ease of application on intact, irritated, or denuded skin. The foam clings where applied, minimizing clean up and mess, and is easily removed with a wipe or a washcloth. This naturally vanilla scented foam is strong enough for removing barrier pastes and creams, blood and fecal matter yet is gentle enough for head to to application. Enhanced with Phytoplex and other botanicals, this hydrating cleansing foam is ideal for everyone from neonates to geriatrics. It is dispensed with a foaming pump, and is available in 4 oz. and 8 oz. sizes.

MANUFACTURER Item Code MSC092104H, MSC092108H, MSC092104, MSC092108


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