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Digital Infrared Forehead Thermometer No-Touch Thermometer for Children and Adults

NON-CONTACT INFRARED - Great for use with infants, children and adults.  This non contact infrared thermometer allows a user to hold the thermometer at a close distance from the body to measure temperature without touching the forehead.
EASY TO READ RESULTS -  A digital display allows the user to quickly read temperature test results in Fahrenheit or Celsius, and diagnose fevers. 
ONE SECOND TEST - Fast results in 1 second or less allow for the quick diagnosis of fevers, especially easy to assess restless or sleeping children and adults.

READINGS STORED - Store up to 20 temperature readings which can easily be recalled for reference.
SAFE TO USE  - Infrared thermometers are safe to use on infants, children, and adults, plus they help prevent the spread of infections with a contact free design.
PRECISE ACCURACY  - Thermometer uses accurate temperature sensing data and an infrared sensor to quickly provide test results.  Long lasting 9V battery with auto shutoff to conserve power.

This non contact infrared thermometer is great for use with infants, children, and adults. To use the infrared thermometer a user must hold the thermometerat a close distance from the body to measure temperature without touching the forehead of the person they are testing, which helps prevent infecting yourself and others. When conducting a test the digital display will read the results in your selected temperature setting of Fahrenheit or Celsius. Results will be shown in 1 second or less. The thermometer uses a strongly accurate set of temperature sensing data with an infrared sensor to quickly provide test results. You MUST have the thermometer set to "BODY" for accurate readings when taking an individuals temperature.

The manufacturer of this device is registered with the U.S. FDA.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Forehead thermometers typically display a reading about 1 degree Fahrenheit lower than oral thermometers. 

TROUBLESHOOTING TIP:  If your thermometer does not seem to be displaying accurate body temperatures, make sure that you have the device set to "BODY" not "Surface".

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Barbara Blakely
Did not like.....

We had trouble with the instructions and I have not wanted to try again. Thinking about returning it.

Thank you for reaching out to us. I apologize for the issues you encountered with the Digital Infrared Thermometer. Here are a few quick tips listed below:

1. Press “M” to change the temperature scale from Celcius to Farenheit

2. Press and hold “M” to toggle between body temperature or Surface temperature

3. Press “+” or “-” to toggle 20 readings

4. Forehead (temporal) scanners are usually 0.5°F to 1°F lower than oral readings.

Please call us at 1-800-998-7750, Monday - Friday from 8am - 6pm EST for more troubleshooting assistance.


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