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Tena Super Briefs

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  • Provides maximum absorbency for extended wear or nighttime protection
  • InstaDri Skin-Caring System traps liquids and keeps skin dry
  • Fits comfortable and can be adjusted easily with hook tabs
  • Includes curved leg elastics and wetness indicator
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Sleep through the night with TENA Super Briefs! These absorbent incontinence briefs provide all the features of the TENA Ultra Briefs, but with even more bladder control protection. TENA Super Briefs are ideal for nighttime protection, extended wear and fecal incontinence.

TENA Super Briefs feature the innovative InstaDri Skin-Caring System with dual core technology and absorbent microbeads to effectively trap urine and retain it away from the body. Curved leg elastics provide a better fit and enhanced leakage protection.
These briefs also use hook tabs for to easily adjust and comfortably secure around the body. A soft non-woven backsheet offers wearer comfort and dignity.


If you like Tena Briefs, you may want to try the new Tena Ultra Stretch Brief. It offers the advantage of a perfect fit and stretchable side panels. This allows the brief to be pulled up and down over the hips.

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MANUFACTURER Item Code 67401, 67501, 68011
Incontinence Size Chart
Size Item Code Waist/Hip Quantity
Super Medium 3NS-M (67401) 34" - 47" Pack of 28
Case of 56
Super Large 3NS-L (67501) 48" - 59" Pack of 28
Case of 56
Super X Large 3N-SX (68011) 60" - 64" Pack of 15
Case of 60

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
super comfy, tapes blow

I love how soft they feel, inside and out. When I wet, I usually don't have to worry about leaking as it retains liquid fairly well. I don't like that the tapes come undone from small movements. Sometimes in my sleep the wings tear from the tapes or the tapes dispatch themselves from the front.

Decent diaper could be better though

I have Cerebral Palsy, because of this I have a hard time controlling my bladder/bowel functions at night. I find protective underwear too hard to remove, so I wanted to try a diaper instead. This diaper was in the sample pack, the tabs are great. I can put on and remove the diaper with ease, and the cloth backing is very quiet. It has a tendency to move at night though, and some of the material bunches up, making it uncomfortable to wear. I also don't like the color. I think it would be better if the diaper was white and had a wetness indicator. So overall, I wouldn't recommend it to someone in my situation.

Good but has flaws

these are pretty thick, feel a bit bigger, I have had this happen a few times where I fasten the tapes to be snug, and have had one tear off, they are good for bedtime, but can still leak, if you move around a lot, especially on your side, but all in all its a good back up for bed time

Wonderfull diaper!!

I wear this diaper all the time, it is super discrete and great for all day use, it asorbs really well and fits perfectly on me.


works very well. saves bed changing


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