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Tena Flex Belted Briefs

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  • Velcro straps stay securely around waist
  • Changes can be made while standing and without removing clothing
  • Easily used without extra assistance
  • 2 absorbency levels
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The TENA Flex Belted Brief is an innovative, fully breathable diaper that is favored by caregivers. The unique breathable AirDry Layer allows all-around air circulation while locking fluid into the absorbent core, helping to maintain healthy skin. TENA Flex Belted Briefs feature the modern hook and loop fastening for unlimited refastenability. Briefs can be easily self-removed and self-applied without having to completely remove outer garments such as slacks or pantyhose. Belted briefs can simply be moved or removed when accessing toilet.

TENA Flex is available in two absorbency levels: Super for heavy incontinence and Maxi for extended use and maximum protection. The TENA Flex Brief is 100% breathable with no tape or plastic.


When choosing sizes, be sure to measure your own waist and hip size. Approximate equivalency is: Size 8 (Small), Size 12 (Medium), Size 16 (Large), Size 20 (Extra Large). The TENA Flex is ideal for access to wound care. Briefs can be fastened to a wide flexible belt from front or back and can stretch to accommodate all sizes of abdomens.

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MANUFACTURER Item Code 67804, 67805, 67806, 67807, 67837, 67838
Incontinence Size Chart
Size Item Code Waist/Hip Absorb. Quantity Price
Super Size 8 3NF-S8 (67804) 24" - 34" 14 oz. Pack of 30
Case of 90
$81.99 ($0.91/Each)
Super Size 12 3NF-S12 (67805) 28" - 42" 20 oz. Pack of 30
Case of 90
Super Size 16 3NF-S16 (67806) 33" - 50" 20 oz. Pack of 30
Case of 90
$116.99 ($1.29/Each)
Super Size 20 3NF-S20 (67807) 41" - 61" 20 oz. Pack of 30
Case of 90
$134.99 ($1.49/Each)
Maxi Size 12 3NF-M12 (67837) 28" - 42" N/A Case of 66 $89.99 ($1.36/Each)
Maxi Size 16 3NF-M16 (67838) 33" - 50" N/A Case of 66 $120.99 ($1.83/Each)

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Belted briefs are fabulous!

They are just the perfect fit and love the ease of use. For nighttime I add a Tena Hourglass pad - PERFECT! Gets him thru the night.

baby doll
have purchased twice and will again

my wife loves them

Dan the Man
I would buy this product again

Use this product daily for incontinence. Am an overweight person and this is the only product I have found that fits and stays fastened. Very easy for caregiver to change.

Excellent product works great for nights

Use these on bedridden parent - very absorbent and comfortable. these diapers stay in place and protect him a lot.

Not for everyone

The wrap around belt gives good fit while sleeping. It also is very absorbant and I had little to no problems with leaking. I am an active person, and during the day I had trouble with the belt narrowing and bunching up. Then I would start to slide down my waist. So, it is a good brief for night time, or bedridden users.


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