Boys Protective Vinyl Pants

Brief Color
White with Stars
  • 2 layers of 100% cotton with inner concealed waterproof membrane
  • Attractive and discreet complete waterproof protection
  • Protection from urine or soiling
  • Navy color
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These soft cotton pants feature comfortable cotton leg and waist openings and an inner waterproof layer that is not visible to the user. Cotton inner and outer layer is what comes in contact with the skin. It can also be used over cloth or disposable underwear if extra absorbency is needed. Use day or night. Machine wash and dry.

SKU Children's Size Waist Age
PS2014-M Medium 20-24 in 5-6
PS2014-L Large 22-26 in 7-8
PS2014-XL Extra Large 24-28 in 9-10
PS2014-XXL Extra Extra Large 28-32 in 11-12


This green alternative is what everyone has been asking for. Designed like plastic pants sandwiched inside a cloth brief, these vinyl pants provide 100% discreet waterproof protection. These are a great upgrade over the old vinyl pants. While not absorbent, they effectively prevent any stool or urine leakage to the outside of clothing, making them perfect to prevent leakage from disposable incontinence products. Due to their brief-like look, only the wearer will know that these are any different from regular cotton briefs. This vinyl brief cannot be used in conjunction with bedwetting alarms because of the waterproof area.

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Manufacturer P & S Healthcare
Warranty 90 days
Color Navy
Product Size See size chart. Briefs are imported from the UK and generally run a size smaller than average US briefs.
Shipping Weight 4 ounces
MANUFACTURER P and S Healthcare