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Bed-Mat Sensor for Malem Alarms

  • Moisture sensing mat accessory that works with any Malem alarm
  • Mat senses moisture and triggers alarm
  • Requires Malem alarm to operate

The Bed-Mat is a foil embossed plastic mat which fits under the bottom sheet over the mattress. The Bed-Mat can be easily cleaned and dried and is attached to the alarm unit by a slim wire which does not disturb the user in bed. Each Bed-Mat is supplied complete with its own connecting lead (approx. 7 feet long).

It has a fantastic advantage of being able to connect to any of the Malem alarms and is interchangeable with other Malem sensors. Purchase this bed mat if you're interested in having the option of letting your child use a traditional bed-mat sensor along with a wearable alarm.

Important Note: Bedside alarms are very sensitive and require ongoing adjustments to the sheet or towel that you place on top of the mat. As the temperature and humidity change, you must make adjustments to the thickness of the cloth you place on top of the mat. Sweaty skin can trigger the alarm. The use of synthetic fabrics will cause static electricity and cause the alarm to sound when dry. Natural fibers should be used for all bedding. For these reasons, most families prefer wearable alarms over bedside alarms. Items cannot be returned once used.

  • Warranty: 90 days
  • Color: Clear/white with black cord. Color may vary from picture.
  • Product Dimensions (approximate): Connecting cord - 7 feet long; Bed Mat - 21.0 x 15.5 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 1 pound

Care Instructions: Wipe sensor mat clean with warm water and let air dry prior to reuse.