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Yes, Incontinence Underwear Can Be Stylish!

April 10, 2014 2 min read

Many people who suffer from urinary incontinence are often turned off by the sight of adult briefs and diapers. They may envision a white, bulky plastic brief that, frankly, isn’t very attractive. However, the incontinence underwear of today are actually less bulky and look more like normal underwear.

Washable incontinence underwear

Wearever underwear are among the most stylish washable incontinence underwear on the market. They feature fun and attractive designs, created specifically for men and women. Designed for light to moderate incontinence, Wearever underwear are a green alternative to disposable underwear. Wearever briefs and panties are made of comfortable materials, such as cotton and nylon, with a built-in absorbent pad to prevent leaks. These products also feature antimicrobial fibers to eliminate odor-causing bacteria.

Boxers or briefs? Men have the option of both! Users can take comfort in these incontinence briefs and boxer briefs, which look just like traditional men’s underwear. The elastic waistband is snug and the soft, cotton-poly material is unrestricting and comfortable. The boxer briefs even have a functional 2-button fly!

As for women, they can enjoy a floral print panty, lace trim panty or a simple cotton panty, among other designs. These appealing, feminine designs can make women feel more attractive and feel more comfortable going on public outings. Women can now wear tight-fitting jeans or dresses without worry!

Disposable incontinence underwear

Nowadays, manufacturers are increasingly creating disposable incontinence products that look and feel like regular men’s and women’s underwear. These products contour to a male and female body, which creates a more discreet profile.

Tena is an example of one such manufacturer, who aims to provide protection for users of all lifestyles. Tena Women Protective Underwear features a comfortable, elastic waistband for a snug, close-body fit. It’s also been recently redesigned to increase absorbency by 40 percent, ensuring protection against those unexpected leaks. Tena Men Protective Underwear also fit and feel like regular men’s briefs. They have an attractive gray striped design with an elastic waistband. These disposable briefs allow men to continue doing the activities they love, whether it be biking or running.

Urinary incontinence affects both the young and the elderly. As the subject of urinary incontinence becomes less taboo, incontinence briefs and underwear will continue to evolve into more attractive and discreet, yet still effective, products. No matter what age you are, these stylish briefs should help you live more comfortably and confidently.


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