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Products You Need to Protect Against Nighttime Incontinence

April 15, 2014 2 min read

More than 26 million Americans suffer from urinary incontinence, and of those people, 2 percent are affected by nighttime incontinence, or adult bedwetting. This condition can be difficult to maintain, leading to frustrations with wet beds and skin infections. Read below to find out what essentials you need to protect against nighttime incontinence:

Nighttime brief

If you experience nighttime incontinence or adult bedwetting, you’ll need a brief designed for nighttime use. These briefs and underwear feature multiple layers of highly absorbent material that wick urine away from the skin. Many of these products also have special characteristics, such as leg guards and high waist panels, to prevent leakage onto the sheets.

  • Tranquility OverNight Disposable Underwear – The pull-on style of this incontinence underwear helps users maintain their dignity because it is pulled up and down like regular underwear. The tear-away side seams also make it easy for users or caregivers to change the soiled product without having to completely removing clothing.
  • Abena Abri-Form Briefs – With a maximum fluid capacity of 135 oz. and 123 oz., Abena briefs are the most absorbent briefs we offer. These adult diapers feature reliable and refastenable tape tabs, an elastic waist band and a wetness indicator. Abena diapers are perfect for nighttime wear and extended wear because they last several wettings with no leakage.
  • Tena Super Briefs – These breathable briefs feature a cloth-like backing that helps keep the skin cool and comfortable all night long. The unique InstaDri Skin-Caring System pulls urine moisture away from the skin, and the curved leg elastics help prevent diaper leaks.

Waterproof mattress protection

Nocturnal enuresis and laundry chores often go hand-in-hand. Fortunately there are products designed to keep your mattress and bedding dry all night long:

  • Heavy duty vinyl cover – Vinyl covers offer an economical way of protecting your mattress from incontinence and bedwetting. These 6-gauge heavy duty covers not only provide waterproof protection, but also prevent against bed bugs and dust mites. Vinyl covers can easily be wiped down with a damp cloth.
  • Washable underpad – Available in a simple flat design or tuck-in flaps, this reusable mattress underpad helps protect the bed sheets and cut down on laundry chores. Keeping an extra pad handy allows you to easily switch out the soiled pad in the middle of the night without having to strip the whole bed.

Skin care protection

With constant exposure to moisture, maintaining healthy skin can be a challenge. Ideally, soiled incontinence undergarments should be changed as soon as possible. The perineal area should be thoroughly cleaned and dried, while keeping it moisturized.

  • Barrier cream – A good diaper rash cream is critical for healthy skin care while managing incontinence. Barrier creams, or protective ointments, help moisturize and protect fragile skin from diaper rashes, pressure sores and other skin infections. This barrier ointment from Aloe Vesta is popular because it absorbs well, applies smoothly and doesn’t stain clothing.
  • Adult wet wipes – When the skin is sensitive from constant exposure to moisture, regular toilet paper can be rough. Adult washcloths are specially formulated to help clean and moisturize the skin, leaving the skin soft and smelling fresh. Adult washcloths are larger and more convenient than regular baby wipes.


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