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What Incontinence Products are Available for Women?

February 27, 2014 2 min read

For women who are new to wearing incontinence products, the selection process can be a bit overwhelming due to the vast options available. The main things to remember when choosing incontinence products are to pick the right size and absorbency level. This will also play a role in how comfortable the undergarment will be. Read below to get familiar with the different types of incontinence products for women:

Adult briefs (adult diapers)

Disposable adult briefs protect against moderate to heavy incontinence, featuring thick polymers that absorb large amounts of urine. Adult briefs are unisex and usually have special features such as odor control and elastic leg openings. Some people dislike that adult briefs have tape tabs because they remind them of baby diapers, however others find reassurance in these briefs because they’re highly absorbent. Some popular briefs include Tranquility ATN All-Through-the-Night and Abena Abri-Form.

Incontinence pads

Other than washable underwear, incontinence pads are probably the easiest product to get used to since they resemble menstrual pads. The pads are worn with the user’s own underwear and usually have an adhesive backing. Most incontinence pads are unisex, but there are several that are designed just for women. One such example are the Poise Hourglass Pads. These lightweight pads have a unique shape that molds with a woman’s body.

Incontinence underwear (adult pull ups)

Incontinence underwear help women maintain their dignity. Unlike adult diapers, disposable briefs don’t have tape tabs or Velcro closures. They are pulled up and down like regular underwear, which make women feel as if they’re wearing traditional women’s panties. Our customers enjoy the Tena Underwear for Women due to its absorbent core and snug, body-close fit.

Washable underwear

Washable underwear offer an even greater peace of mind because they are made of cotton or nylon and look like traditional underwear. The only difference is that it comes with an absorbent pad designed for light to moderate incontinence. Washable underwear are also easy on the wallet since they can be reused over and over, unlike disposable briefs. Wearever makes stylish washable underwear for both men and women to help users feel confident at all times.

Pelvic floor exercisers

Women who experience urinary incontinence, especially stress incontinence, are often encouraged to exercise their pelvic floor muscles. Vaginal weights, or vaginal cones, are designed to help women tone their vaginal strength during these exercises. The weights are inserted into the vagina and kept from slipping out through repeated contractions of the pelvic floor muscles.

A majority of these incontinence products can be found at your local drug store. However, online retailers carry a much a larger selection with a wider range of sizes, styles and reputable brands. Be sure to try out a few styles before committing to a product; you may need several different types of product depending on the activity you’re doing.


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