StepFree Vaginal Cones

  • Simple home-based program with step-by-step instructions
  • Training treats stress incontinence episodes, such as coughing, to build both muscles and confidence
  • Device shape is designed for easy insertion/removal, comfort and optimum results

Many women have improved their bladder control by using pelvic muscle exercises (also called Kegel exercises). If done correctly and consistently, these exercises can strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. The StepFree program is easy to learn. Exercises are done in 15-minute segments, twice a day. You can even go about your normal daily activities while you use these kegel weights!

The StepFree pelvic muscle toning program consists of inserting a weighted plastic cone into the vagina (just like inserting a tampon). Once in place, you squeeze your pelvic muscles to hold the vaginal weight in place. As your muscles strengthen, you will increase the weight inside the cone. That's it! This system allows you to see for yourself the progress and improvement you are making. These pelvic floor exercises are comfortable and discreet. This program is virtually mistake-proof!


The StepFree program really works! Studies have shown that pelvic floor muscle programs, such as StepFree, can improve bladder control for many women within 4-6 weeks. Vaginal weights were even featured on Dr. Oz!

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Clean after each use with soap and water.

The StepFree pelvic muscle toning program consists of five interchangeable weights (20-70 grams), one cone shaped plastic shell (less than one inch in diameter and approximately two inches in length), easy to follow patient instructions, and a compact case.

  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Latex Free
  • Care Instructions:clean after each use with soap and water.