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Top 5 Tips on Caring for Your Bedridden Loved One

October 09, 2012 1 min read

When taking care of a wheelchair-bound or bedridden patient with incontinence, it’s important to focus on their physical and emotional wellbeing. Here are five tips for caregivers to help make caring for their loved ones easier:

  1. Provide full incontinence protection.

    Breathable adult diapers, such as the Abena Abri-Form Briefs, keep the skin dry and comfortable and can be used for heavy daytime or nighttime adult bedwetting. Briefs also allow patients to be easily checked or changed without having to completely remove clothing.

  2. Protect the skin from bed sores.

    Long exposure to urine and stool causes skin breakdown, irritation, and infection. Make sure to check for sores and to do a thorough cleaning on the perineal area every day. The Tena Wash Cream, a soap-free moisturizing cleanser that is easily wiped on and off, protects the most sensitive areas.

  3. Perform exercises.

    Staying in one position for long hours can weaken the muscles and cause skin infections. Reposition your loved one often and use pillows for support and comfort.

  4. Make bathroom trips easier.

    Place a commode beside the bed, provide a frame for the toilet, or raise the toilet seat for easier access. The Toilevator adds 3.5 inches in height to the toilet and can easily be installed and cleaned. Patients should also wear easy-to-remove clothing so no heavy lifting is required and no time is wasted.

  5. Raise their spirits.

    Immobility can be daunting, leaving your loved one frustrated. Help maintain positive attitudes by giving your time and patience and focusing on activities they enjoy. Play music, provide a window with a nice view or go on fun outings.


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