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5 Tips for Helping Elderly Parents with Incontinence

October 11, 2012 2 min read

Caring for an aging parent with incontinence can be tough. Responsibilities can become overwhelming and stressful. Here are some useful tips on how to help your incontinent parent manage his or her condition:

    1. Choose the right protection.

      From briefs to protective underwear, there are an abundance of incontinence supplies to fit your parent’s needs. If your parent has light bladder leakage, a pad or guard is usually preferable because it fits discretely inside their own underwear. Protective underwear work well for users who are still mobile, but who suffer from complete bladder emptying or bowel incontinence. They can easily pull them on or off, saving some dignity. Finally, if your parent is wheelchair or bedbound, adult diapers (briefs) are much easier for caregivers to use, and offer the highest level of protection against bladder leakage.

    2. Make going to the bathroom easier.

      As aging parents get older, reflexes and movements can slow down, preventing them from getting to the bathroom in time. At home, make sure to create a clear path to the bathroom. This will help prevent both wet accidents and falls. In public, acknowledge where the closest restrooms are so no time is wasted looking when time is short.

    3. Maintain dignity by purchasing incontinence products online instead of in stores.

      Incontinence can be embarrassing, but buying supplies online is a great discreet way to spare your parent’s pride at the register. If you’re worried about running out of products, opt for the AutoShip Plan for ongoing deliveries to your home.

    4. Protect furniture and bedding.

      Adult bedwetting is often accompanied by wet sheets and stained mattresses. Keep the furniture dry and clean with easy to use and remove reusable waterproof underpads which prevent leaks from soaking through any surface that needs waterproof protection.

    5. Increase bladder control with scheduled bathroom breaks.

      To help with frequent urination, set a bathroom schedule so your parent can go before it’s too late. Vibrating reminder watches are great for scheduling because it gives the user ownership over the process, and you aren’t responsible for watching the clock or “nagging”. Watches can be set to go off at specific times during the day, or continually countdown. Just be sure your parent knows to try to void every time the watch goes off, even if they don’t feel the urge.


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