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Top 5 National Incontinence Blog Posts of 2013

December 31, 2013 2 min read

Another year has come and gone, and as we prepare for 2014, I’d like to take a trip down memory and see what were the most popular posts of 2013:

  1. Former NFL Player is New Spokesman for Depend for Men

    I’m not sure why this particular post had the most views, but it’s great to see that there is more awareness about male incontinence. Many people often think of urinary incontinence as a female and elderly problem, but incontinence also affects men, especially after prostate surgery. Male incontinence pads, or male guards, are light and discreet – perfect for urine dribbling issues.

  2. How to Use Vaginal Weights

    This post ranked number one in 2012, but took one step down this year. However, that doesn’t mean vaginal weights aren’t an important aspect of treating stress incontinence in women. Vaginal weights are designed to strengthen and tone a woman’s pelvic floor muscles during kegel exercises.

  3. Prevent Diaper Rash When Using Adult Diapers

    “Adult diaper rash” was the most frequently used search term for this year (and of all time). People with incontinence are very susceptible to diaper rashes and need to take precautions to keep their skin healthy. This includes changing soiled diapers as soon as possible and using a skin barrier to moisturize the skin.

  4. The Many Uses of Adult Diapers Besides Incontinence

    Did you know that adult diapers can also be used for making fuel? This blog post highlights five different ways disposable briefs can be used besides its intended purpose.

  5. Urinary Incontinence: What’s Your Type?

    There are six types of urinary incontinence, and each are caused by different factors and have different treatment options. Identify which type you or your loved one may have and learn how to treat it.

From everyone at National Incontinence, we hope that you have a relaxing holiday break. Stay safe and warm. Happy Holidays!


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