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Former NFL Player is New Spokesman for Depend for Men

April 23, 2013 1 min read

Tony Siragusa, former NFL player and host of DIY Network’s “Man Caves”, is telling men who experience a little leak here and there to “guard their manhood” with Depend Guards and Shields, Ad Age reports.

Siragusa is the official spokesman for Depend’s first-ever ad campaign, “Guard Your Manhood“, aimed at men who suffer from light bladder leakage, a condition that affects 23 million men, according to Kimberly-Clark Corp.

The words, “light bladder leakage” or LBL, might sound a little familiar to you. In 2010, Poise, also owned by K-C, featured ads with Whoopi Goldberg for its “One in Three Like Me” campaign for women who experience light bladder leakage.

“I’m Tony Siragusa, and I’ve been around the toughest guys in football,” Siragusa says in the 30-second TV ad. “And now I’m training guys who leak a little to guard their manhood with man-style protection.” With an emphasis on masculinity, Siragusa explains that shields and guards for men are designed to fit the male anatomy.

Light bladder leakage in men is often caused by prostate cancer, diabetes, and neurological disease. Many men who experience this trickling problem may come up with their “own fixes”, use incontinence pads for women to control their leaks or use nothing at all, according to a campaign video on Guardyourmanhood.com. That’s where the shields and male guards come in – they’re gear made for men.

So if you or your loved one needs a little extra protection, understand that there are options available to you. Stay protected with Depends incontinence pads for men.


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