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Raising Incontinence Awareness During Bladder Diary Day 2014

June 24, 2014 1 min read

The theme of this year’s World Continence Week (June 23 – 29) is “Bladder Diary Day”.

The International Continence Society (ICS) is asking the public to fill out a 24-hour bladder diary to determine what is “normal” bladder behavior. These diaries will be a part of “the biggest study in the history of the International Continence Society”.

A bladder diary is used to determine a pattern in one’s urinary habits. Participants will record how often they pee during the day and night, if they feel urges to urinate, if and how many times they experience leakages and what kind of drinks they’ve had and how it affects their bladder. Doctors often ask patients to complete a bladder diary to help them figure out what could be affecting the abnormal urinary behavior and/or leakage.

Held annually during the last week of June, World Continence Week is an initiative to raise public awareness of urinary incontinence and encourage sufferers to get help. WCW events are held all around the world including the US, China, New Zealand and Germany.

Join ICS’ efforts to define “normal bladder function” by filling out your bladder diary here. You can upload the form or attach it as an email.


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