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Protecting Furniture from Incontinent Parents

June 19, 2014 2 min read

    “My elderly dad is incontinent and wears adult diapers. How do I protect the furniture from getting wet?”

In the bedroom, you’ll want the best waterproof protection for your mattress. There are many options here:

  • Washable underpads – These are small bed pads that cover the middle portion of the mattress. Underpads help protect the sheets so that you don’t have to constantly change and wash them. The tuck-in style is a customer favorite because it comes with large flaps that help keep the pad stay in place. Another popular option is the HaloShield Underpad, which features odor-fighting properties to keep urine odors at bay.
  • Breathable mattress cover – This mattress protector is breathable, noiseless, and lightweight – all the qualities you need for a comfortable waterproof bed sheet. It’s also fitted, making it easy to put on and take off for laundering.
  • Mattress pad – This option is the most comfortable because it’s plush and made of 3-4 layers of fill. Since mattress pads are large and take a long time to dry, you might also want to use an underpad on top.

For couches, chairs and car seats, underpads are your best bet. The disposable underpads make for easy cleanup, especially during travel. If your parent wants something to match the furniture, there are washable underpads with decorative designs.

Waterproof bedding isn’t the only way keep the furniture dry. Make sure your parent is wearing the right size and type of absorbent undergarment for his or her unique bladder needs. Adult diapers and plastic underwear come in a variety of sizes and styles; some briefs have elastic leg openings to prevent leakage and others have impressive absorbent and wicking capabilities to draw liquid away from the skin. Check out this chart to determine what type of incontinence undergarment will best help your parent’s urinary problems.

Keep in mind that adult briefs need to be changed frequently to not only prevent leakage but also to prevent rashes and other skin infections.


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