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How to Use the Kegelmaster

December 12, 2013 1 min read

The Kegelmaster is a exercise device used to help women strengthen their pelvic floor muscles. In addition to treating poor bladder control, this kegel exerciser also helps improve sexual pleasure. Before using the Kegelmaster, make sure that you empty your bladder and hand wash the device with soap and water.

To use:

  1. Start with the lowest tension possible, by removing the springs from posts 2, 3, and 4.
  2. Lubricate the Kegelmaster (optional). Get into a comfortable position, lying down with your knees bent and your feet about two feet apart. With the adjust knob facing up, slowly insert the device into your vagina.
  3. With the Kegelmaster inside of you, unscrew the adjust knob counterclockwise to open the device until you feel the pressure against your vaginal muscles. Continue to unscrew the knob until you’ve reached your limit (e.g. stop unscrewing when you start to feel discomfort or pain).
  4. Squeeze your pelvic floor muscles to try to close the device. Try not to squeeze your abdominal or buttocks muscles. Hold your contractions for 3 seconds and then release. Repeat this 30 times, three times a day.
  5. As your kegel muscles get stronger, you can move to the next resistance level by changing the position of the springs and later, adding more springs to the Kegelmaster.

We recommend using the Kegelmaster daily, around the same time (ie. before breakfast and before you go to bed at night). Results will vary from individual to individual, but if done correctly and frequently, the Kegelmaster can greatly improve your ability to control your bladder.


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