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External Catheters Added to National Incontinence

December 17, 2013 2 min read

We are excited to expand our collection of male incontinence products by adding 22 different types of external catheters. These new products can be found under Just for Men.

A catheter is designed to control and collect urinary drainage in men. The device is fits over the penis like a condom, and is attached to a separate drainage bag. External condom catheters are a great alternative for men who don’t prefer to wear indwelling catheters, adult diapers or other containment products. Catheters are frequently used by those who have spinal cord injuries, frequent urges to void, an inability to safely reach the toilet due to mobility issues or impaired vision, or difficulty urinating after prostate surgery.

One of the new products includes Rochester Medical’s UltraFlex, a breathable and 100% latex-free external male catheter. The sheath of the catheter is transparent to allow users to monitor their skin and help prevent rashes and infections. The UltraFlex also has an adhesive band that makes it easy to slip on the catheter and keep it in place.

We are also offering the Conveen Optima Catheter. This one-piece condom catheter is made of self-adhering silicone, breathable and free of latex. The triple-action anti-leak system ensures that the sheath stays secure so users are well-protected all day and night. The Conveen Optima is also packaged in a small and discreet bag for your convenience.

External catheters can help men maintain a sense of independence and security, while managing their incontinence issues. If you or your loved one is looking for additional ways to control urinary leakage, try one of these catheters and let us know what you think.


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