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Tips & Advice: 5 Common Incontinence Myths

  1. Incontinence is just a normal part of getting older. You are not destined to have urine leakage once you reach a certain age. The muscles that are part of your pelvic floor can be strengthened just like your biceps or quadriceps.
  2. Childbirth caused irreversible problems "down there." Once your doctor determines why leakage is occurring, effective treatments can help you regain the control that you once had.
  3. Prostate surgery leaves most men incontinent. Some men experience temporary incontinence as they recover from prostate surgery but medical treatments can improve the outcome.
  4. You just have to live with it. In most cases, urinary incontinence can be greatly reduced or eliminated. Treatment can consist of behavioral therapies, medications or in a few cases, surgery.
  5. The best solution is to just use a sanitary napkin in my underwear everyday. If you find that you need daily protection, it is healthiest to use products specially designed to collect and hold urine.


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