Tena Guards for Men

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  • Anatomical design and improved absorption with elastic leg barriers
  • Wider at top, tapers at bottom
  • 8 oz. absorbency
  • Individually wrapped
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Designed specifically for male incontinence, the innovative anatomical design and improved absorption allows men to continue to live a healthy, active lifestyle without giving up the things they enjoy most. The Tena pad is intended for light to moderate bladder control and post prostate surgery incontinence. The cloth-like outer covering is gentle against the skin and less noisy for wearer discretion. The vertical adhesive strip holds the male guard securely in place when worn with close-fitting underwear. Each pad is individually wrapped for convenient, discreet portability.

How to Use:

Remove the protective backing from the adhesive strip and place on the groin area with the adhesive strip against your underwear - pointy side between legs running fore and aft. Straighten your underwear and adjust as comfortable. You may need to apply pressure between the underwear and the adhesive strip to secure.


Shaped like a bicycle seat, this incontinence pad for men provides discreet protection from dribbling, often occurring after prostate surgery. The elasticized leg openings allow the pad to fit comfortably between the legs. Tena Guards should be used with the widest area placed in front. This is one of the longest and thickest of the male guards.

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Incontinence Size Chart
Size Chart
Size Dimensions Absorb. Case Quantity Case Price Half-Case Price Pack Price
Tena Guards for Men 7" x 9" (tapers to 2" wide) 8 oz. 6 packs of 20 (120 ct.)  
Case Each
$56.95 $0.47
1/2 Case Each
$33.95 $0.57
Pack Each
$11.95 $0.60