Tena Serenity Active Ultra Thin Pads

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  • Designed for light to moderate amounts of continuous bladder leakage
  • Infused with more absorbent microbeads to quickly lock in fluids
  • Ultra-soft topsheet helps keep wearer dry
  • pH-balanced to fight urine odors
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TENA Active Ultra Thins feature a revolutionary new core that provides the same absorbent protection as thicker incontinence pads, but with a thinner (1/4” thick!), more comfortable design. The Dry-Fast Core is now infused with more superabsorbent microbeads to wick away and trap liquids quickly, preventing leaks and keeping the wearer dry.

Tena Ultra Thins are designed for light to moderate bladder leakage protection related to stress incontinence and/or minor leakage during or after pregnancy. These pads move along with the wearer, making them a perfect fit for those who are always on the go. The Ultra Thin Long pads are more absorbent and one inch longer than the Ultra Thin pads.

Other features include a soft, quick-dry topsheet that helps promote healthier skin and advanced odor protection to fight urine odors. These incontinence pads also have side gathers that conform to the natural contours of the body. Each pad comes individually wrapped for discreet portability.


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MANUFACTURER Item Code 46500, 48200
Incontinence Size Chart
Size Item Code Length Quantity Price
Light 1UT-LR(46500) 9" Pack of 30
Case of 180
$9.95 ($0.33/Each)
$51.95 ($0.29/Each)
Light Long 1UT-LL (54344) 10" Pack of 24
Case of 144
$11.95 ($0.50/Each)
$66.95 ($0.46/Each)