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When does High Quality Equal High Value?

August 05, 2021 2 min read

When does High Quality Equal High Value?

A high value product is often thought of as a product that gives you more bang for your buck or has a low cost. How can a product that is more expensive actually be a better value?

When looking at incontinence products, you often have to consider the bigger picture in terms of time and money; this is especially true when the incontinence products are being administered by caregivers for your loved ones.

Time: In terms of time, caregivers have a lot on their plate. Transporting, bathing, dressing, feeding, cleaning, and administering medicine are a few duties on the list of tasks for caring for a loved one. If a low cost incontinent product needs to be changed 8 times a day, but a high quality one reduces that by half, the caretaker will automatically have more time for your loved one. 

Cost: Cost is important but is often misleading when just looking at the cost per unit. In the above example, the low cost product might not actually be lower cost if the product requires more changes/per day, and leads to more leaks and possible skin irritations. 

When using a care service, there is often the overlooked cost of wipes and gloves needed for each change. Each time a caretaker changes your loved one, there are often additional fees for the gloves and wipes used.  Using a premium product may cost double when compared to a basic brief initially, but a premium brief saves in fewer changes, fewer wipes, fewer gloves and it will often help save the skin, leading to fewer barrier creams and other products needed. The long term cost of a premium product often equals the low cost product when looking at the bigger picture.

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