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Preventing Diaper Rashes While Wearing Depends

October 23, 2014 2 min read

    “My elderly parent just started wearing Depends. Recently, I’ve noticed some rashes on my dad’s bottom. Can you tell me why this is happening?”

Adult diaper rashes can be caused by two main factors:

  • Not changing the diaper enough
  • Using the wrong diaper

Diaper users, whether adult or child, need to be changed often to prevent diaper rashes and sores. Sitting in a soiled diaper for hours and hours simply cannot be good for your skin, no matter how thick or absorbent the diaper is. If you are your dad’s caretaker, make sure to check his diaper every few hours to see if has urinated or had a bowel movement. When you change him, thoroughly check his perineal area and bottom for redness and soreness, as these signs can lead to painful diaper rashes. Use a special cream or ointment designed to treat rashes – this one from Aloe Vesta is a customer favorite. In between changes, use a wet wipe to help your dad stay fresh and clean.

If your dad is mobile, you should also remind him to use the bathroom every hour or two hours, depending on his ability to control his bladder. He can also wear a vibrating watch that’ll give him a discreet reminder to use the bathroom and avoid accidents and being in a diaper for too long.

Disposable adult diapers come in a variety of sizes, absorbencies and styles. You want to make sure that the one your dad is wearing is the best fit for his size and level of incontinence. Measure his hips to find the correct sized brief. Determine if he needs a brief with light, moderate or heavy absorbency. Look for diapers with elastic leg openings and wicking capabilities. Also, keep in mind that Depend isn’t the only brand of adult diapers available; there are a wide variety of quality diaper brands – Tena, Tranquility and Prevail, to name a few – that can be found online.

If you’ve taken these points into consideration and are still finding rashes on your dad, contact his doctor. Elderly skin care requires special treatment; it must be moisturized and protected at all times to prevent skin infections, sores and rashes.


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