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NEW Larger Washable Underpads for Queen Beds

June 10, 2014 1 min read

One of our best selling products is the Reusable Waterproof Underpad. Our customers have been asking for a larger size pad to fit larger beds – we are happy to announce that we’re now carrying this pad in an extra-large size (36 x 70 inches), which will fit a Queen sized bed. Perfect for incontinence and adult bedwetting, these bed pads are highly absorbent, lightweight and easy to use.

Our customers love how these washable pads help cut down on laundry costs. Disposable underpads are less comfortable and cost more in the long run. The Reusable Waterproof Underpad helps keep the sheets dry so you don’t have to strip down the entire bed after each accident. These overlays also work great on chairs, couches and car seats.

There are two sizes to choose from: Flat and Tuck-in. The Tuck-in pads feature side flaps that help keep the pad secure in place. When an accident occurs, simply remove the wet pad and replace it with a new one!

In addition to the new 36 x 70, this washable pad comes in three other sizes – 23 x 36, 33 x 35, and 34 x 52 – to fit all your bedding needs.


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