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New iDry App Helps Users Manage Incontinence Problems

November 20, 2012 1 min read

For those who are attached to their iPhones and iPads, there’s a new free app designed to help you overcome urinary incontinence problems. Developed by Jeff Pepper, founder of Three Ten LLC, iDry allows users to log events, such as when they change an incontinence pad and how much urine was passed, and identify factors, such as exercises and diet changes, that may reduce incontinence symptoms.

“iDry gives you an incredibly easy and discreet way to log your UI events when they occur – just a few seconds every time you change a pad or diaper,” Pepper said. “Then, iDry uses your log data and its built-in database of hundreds of pad and diaper brands to show you in detail the progress you are making in overcoming your UI, including the date when, if trends continue, you will be completely dry.”

When patients visit their doctors for urinary problems, they’re often asked to keep an incontinence log, or bladder diary, that keeps track of their voiding habits and wetting accidents. The doctor would then use the voiding diary to evaluate the severity and type of incontinence and an appropriate treatment plan.

If you upgrade to iDry’s premium version ($4.99), you’ll be able to share your progress with your doctor, get daily reminders to do Kegel exercises, and receive access to advanced charts, such as “Progress by Pads Used” and “Weekly Detail.”


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