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Mother’s Day Gifts for the Caregiver

May 08, 2013 2 min read

Three out of 5 caregivers are women, and almost a third are caring for both their children and their elderly parents. These women dedicate their life to making sure that their loved ones are comfortable, safe, and happy. If you know one of these women, let them know that they’re appreciated with these unique and thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts:

  1. A break. Offer to take several hours, or even a whole week, off her caregiving duties. Help her care for the person she’s caring for, clean the house, buy the groceries, and do the laundry. She’ll appreciate having a little time to herself.
  2. A fancy dinner. Take her out, or better yet, make dinner. Caregivers don’t have a lot of time to make meals. You can make various dishes that last a whole week. Just bag them up and toss them in the freezer!
  3. A fruit bouquet. Flowers are lovely, but what about a bouquet of flowers made of fruit? They’re nice to look at, plus they’re edible! You can make your own using skewers and cookie cutters or purchase them online.
  4. Caregiving products, such as skin care cleansers, will help make her responsibilities easier. A favorite among nurses, this Aloe Vesta cleanser is a great alternative to regular soap and water. It helps clean and moisturize sensitive skin, leaving it smelling lemon-fresh.
  5. A sentimental gift, like a framed family portrait or a locket with a photo of the caregiver and who they’re caring for, will surely put a smile on her face.
  6. A makeover.Caregiving can take a toll on the body and mind. Help her rejuvenate with a trip to the spa or massage parlor. Take her to her favorite clothing or makeup store and give her a makeover.
  7. A new hand bag. From wipes to medication to extra clothing, caretakers have a lot to carry. Get her a stylish bag with lots of pockets and a large zippered compartment.
  8. Gift cards. Ah, the good ole gift card. Get a giftcard to her favorite clothing store, restaurant, or grocery store. Credit card gift cards are also great since she can use them wherever she wants.
  9. Caregiving books. A caregiving guidebook can be very helpful and stress-relieving.
  10. Caregiving resources. Your loved one may be reluctant or don’t know where to get help. Encourage her to join an online support group so she can share stories with other caregivers. Some helpful websites include: caring.com, caregiving.com, and agingcare.com.


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