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Incontinence Tips for a Stress-Free Summer Vacation

August 06, 2013 2 min read

Planning a vacation this August? The last thing you want to worry about is an embarrassing wet accident. Whether you’re going on a day trip or going on a week-long cruise, it’s important to plan ahead and learn how to manage your bladder control problems. Here are some tips on how to have a stress-free vacation with incontinence:

  • Wear a maximum protection product if you’re going on a long road trip or tour. Trains and planes have limited disposal units, and can be too cramped to easily change in. A nighttime diaper or a booster pad offers more absorbency, so you won’t need to change as much. Make sure to bring disposable wipes to stay fresh and clean all day.
  • Know where the bathrooms are. When visiting tourist attractions, use a map or ask guides where the restrooms are just in case nature calls. If you’re on a tour bus or boat, plan on sitting near the bathroom, or at least on the aisle, to avoid having an accident. The TravelJohn comes in handy when there aren’t any clean bathrooms around.
  • Pack an extra of everything. This includes your absorbent undergarments, a change of clothing, wet wipes, and plastic bags. You can even have your incontinence products shipped out to you if you’re vacationing for several weeks or a month.
  • Protect your skin. In addition to sun screen, make sure to bring diaper rash cream. You never know when a rash will start to develop. Calmoseptine Ointment is a popular moisture barrier that not only soothes rashes, but is great for minor cuts and scrapes, burns, vaginal fistulas, and other types of skin irritation.
  • Monitor your food and drink intake. This doesn’t mean you can’t try different exotic foods, but take into consideration your bladder irritants. Coffee, tea, spicy foods, and alcohol can all cause the bladder to spasm. Water is your best bet.
  • Kegel, kegel, kegel. When you’re on vacation, it’s easy to forget to practice your kegels. But remember, doing kegels regularly can help strengthen your pelvic floor and ultimately help you regain your bladder control.

Traveling with incontinence can be frustrating. From finding the nearest bathroom to worrying about sudden leaks, incontinence can hamper your vacation plans. However, with careful planning, you shouldn’t have to stay stuck inside and let your bladder control your life. Be active and go explore the world!


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