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Experiencing Light Bladder Leakage? Try Poise Pads.

March 12, 2013 1 min read

If you’re using period pads to protect against light bladder leakage (LBL), it’s time for a change. Poise explained why, using three tests that compared their ultra-thin pads with the leading period-only ultra-thin pads. Here are some of the results:

  • The Poise pad absorbed liquid four times faster than the period-only pad.
  • When a fabric was placed on top of each wet pad, the fabric used on the period-only pad became completely soaked while the Poise pad was hardly moist.
  • Scent-detecting crystals showed that the Poise pad locked in more odor than the period-only pad.

Results clearly show that special bladder pads are far superior to menstrual pads in protecting against light bladder leakage, which affects 1 in 3 women. It’s important to choose bladder pads simply because they absorb liquid faster, stay drier, and control more odors than menstrual pads.

Available in a variety of sizes and absorbencies, incontinence pads, such as Poise, are specially made to offer you discreet protection. Incontinence pads are great for women who are experiencing light stress incontinence (bladder leakage from sneezing, coughing, or laughing) due to pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, and other factors. Stay dry and test out Poise pads for yourself!


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