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Disposing Dirty Diapers in a Hotel

November 12, 2013 1 min read

    “I will be staying at a hotel for several weeks. How can I discreetly dispose my soiled adult diaper?”

One of the biggest concerns of traveling for people with incontinence is how to appropriately dispose their soiled products. You want to be discreet, yet respectful of the hotel and its cleaning staff. So what should you do?

Before you even leave for the hotel, remember to pack extra plastic bags (dark colored) to contain your used incontinence products. Your garbage can get full quick, especially if you go through many briefs a day. It doesn’t hurt to ask the hotel to provide a larger garbage can or more garbage bags.

Create your own diaper disposal system by simply rolling up your soiled items and placing it into the plastic bag. Tightly tie a knot on the bag to prevent odors from seeping through – the hotel cleaning staff will greatly appreciate this. For more discretion, use a large zip lock bag to contain the soiled items before placing it into the trash can.

If you’re really worried about other people finding out about your incontinence problems, or if you feel uncomfortable with others handling your dirty diapers, you can always take the trash to the dumpster or public trash can yourself. As long as you’re courteous about your diaper disposal, there shouldn’t be a problem.

Whatever you decide to do, don’t forget to leave a tip!


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