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Best Incontinence Products for Men

October 03, 2013 2 min read

At National Incontinence, we carry a wide range of bladder control products for men’s incontinence. Choosing a male guard or adult brief can be difficult, especially if this is your first time. In a previous post, we’ve provided factors to consider when choosing an incontinence diaper. Today, we’d like to share a list of our top incontinence products for men.

  1. Tena Guards – These incontinence pads are ideal for stress incontinence or post-prostate surgery. Tena Guards have a contoured, bicycle seat shape to fit the male anatomy. The guards are thin and discreet, so users can confidently go to work, attend meetings, and simply go about their day without worry. These pads have an adhesive strip on the back.
  2. Tena Men Protective Underwear – For those with moderate incontinence, Tena protective underwear provides excellent absorbency in a pull up style undergarment. These pull ups look and feel like traditional men’s underwear. They’re made of a soft, cotton-like material with a comfortable elastic waistband. Tena for Men comes in a grey and white striped design.
  3. Depend Real Fit Briefs– These gray-colored briefs are another disposable pull up that helps men stay protected, comfortable, and confident all day long. Depend Real Fit features an elastic waistband and leg guards to prevent leakage.
  4. Tranquility ATN Briefs – These unisex adult diapers are popular among our customers because they’re highly absorbent and can be used for bedwetting, heavy incontinence, or extended daytime wear. Tranquility ATN features a “peach mat” core that quickly absorbs urine, while neutralizing odors and keeping the skin dry and healthy.
  5. Reusable Incontinence Boxer Briefs– Looking for a more economical product? These washable boxer briefs from Wearever feature an absorbent sewn-in pad and a waterproof outer layer for maximum protection. These boxer briefs are made of a comfortable cotton-polyester blend with antimicrobial fibers. Ideal for light incontinence, Wearever briefs can be washed and dried up to 200-250 times!


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