Walker Ski Glides, Fits 7/8" and 1" Walker Tubing, 1 Pair

  • Walker glides in the shape of skis
  • Fits most 7/8" and 1" inside diameter walker tubing
  • Ski shape allows you to more easily traverse uneven surfaces and thresh holds when compared to other glides
  • Constructed of high density plastic so you know these glides will last!

This is one pair of ski shaped walker glides constructed from long-lasting, high density plastic. These glides fit all walkers with a 7/8" and 1" walker tubing diameter (the diameter of the opening where the glide resides). Due to the ski's shape, it lets you more easily traverse over uneven surfaces and thresh holds, thus increasing the maneuverability of your walker. Also, this pair of ski glides reduces the amount of friction that rubber tips create, making it easier for you to glide around.

MANUFACTURER Item Code 510-1031-0000